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Bermstyle Reviews the Rogue Pants

Bermstyle Reviews the Rogue Pant

"I’ve been spending a lot more time at the climbing gym this winter, and the Rogue Pant is a great match for it. (though they’re a bit snug in the waist – see fit notes below – and my harness stretches them out a bit; they’re better suited to the bouldering gym than top rope) The internal waist adjusters are carried over from the riding shorts, which make them especially nice paired with a climbing harness. (the snaps and the hidden zipper back pockets come in especially handy here) I’ll change out tops, but often go out to eat afterward without changing, and the Rogue pant works well all day."

Read the full review here. reviews the Basecamp Merino Hoodie

"Out of the box, I was struck by how incredibly soft the material is. Think kitten soft. Baby duck soft. I mean…very soft. The all-season 230 gsm merino fabric glides on and fits like a warm hug. Available in two colors and sizes S-XXL, the Base Camp Hoodie is going to be one of those wear-anywhere-anytime pieces comfortably layered for colder days with your favorite shell or as a stand-alone piece during the shoulder seasons."
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Femme Cyclist reviews the Basecamp Merino Hoodie

"Bottom-Line: An Attractive Top For Use On The Bike Or Around Town. I’ve reviewed a bunch of Merino tops, but this has got to be my favorite hands-down. It’s beautiful, comfortable, and I don’t think twice about wearing it off the bike as well as on."

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Bicycle Volt reviews the Basecamp Merino Hoodie

"The Basecamp merino hoodie is a fantastic midlayer. Checking all the right boxes for fit, coziness and stink-resistance and taking you seamlessly from a day of trail-shredding to an evening of being laughed at by your buddies for your lack of trail-shredding skills. Doing all that without a wardrobe change."

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Huck Adventures reviews the Men's Basecamp Merino Hoodie

"The Showers Pass Basecamp Merino Hoodie has been a great addition to my collection of baselayers. While it was nice to wear on a cool run and bike ride, it also paired really well under a fleece on colder days on the slopes, making this one of the most versatile pieces I have in my gear closet."

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Femme Cyclist reviews the Women's Transit Pants

"Waterproof pants for commuting can be tricky because you need to be able to fit regular pants underneath. The Shower’s Pass Transit pant does a good job of fitting over your pants and still cinching down so as not to interfere with your pedaling or drivetrain."

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Women's Basecamp Merino Hoodie reviewed by Bermstyle

"For both the bitter cold and unseasonable warmth that PNW winters are trending, the Women’s Showers Pass Basecamp Merino Hoodie has been a great addition to my quiver of baselayers. At 230 gsm, (grams per square meter) this long sleeve merino wool hooded top works nicely on top of a t-shirt or tank as the outer-layer in warmer temps. It also fits well under an insulating midlayer in cooler times, suitable for a variety of applications, both lifestyle and athletic."

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Apex Merino Tech T-Shirt reviewed by Bermstyle

Bermstyle reviews the Apex Merino LS Tee

"Often when I wear a long sleeve shirt or jersey under a jacket mountain biking, I easily get overheated on the climbs; not so wearing the Apex long sleeve shirt. It feels significantly lighter than many of my long sleeve polyester MTB jerseys, which makes a big difference on vigorous climbs and when I’m pushing the pace."

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The Cloudburst Jacket reviewed by Runners World

Runner's World reviews the Women's Cloudburst Waterproof Running Jacket

“This running jacket has a solid mix of quality, usefulness, look, and feel. What I liked most about the jacket was the material, specifically, the waterproofing. The stretchy material is very thin and comfortable to run in. It is quiet and breathable but still kept me warm and blocked out a lot of the wind. This is one of the more impressive running jackets I’ve run in.”

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The Cloudburst Jacket reviewed by Wired

"Best Running Jacket" - Wired

"Best Running Jacket....the searingly bright orange color and multiple reflective strips make me feel much safer. It's a much more substantial jacket than the Flight, but it can still pack down to a reasonable size in a back pocket. I also like the soft collar and how stretchy it is when I move."

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Men’s Cloudburst Jacket reviewed by Engearment

Engearment Reviews the Cloudburst Running Jacket

"A fully waterproof raincoat that breathes like a windbreaker? Never thought I’d see such a thing until I wore the Showers Pass Cloudburst jacket on a local trail run. It was one of those nasty January days when the jet stream descends south and blasts the Colorado Front Range with vicious cold wind. I was totally comfortable running 8 miles in this waterproof and highly breathable jacket."

- Drew Thayer for Engearment

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The Men’s and Women’s Cloudburst Jacket reviewed by Bermstyle

Bermstyle reviews the Cloudburst Jacket
Cloudburst Jacket details

"Though they both share a similar hue, the Cloudburst and the road-specific Spring Classic feel like very different jackets to me. The Spring Classic is a lightweight 3-layer hardshell that is fully waterproof, cut for road cycling. It’s considerably more fitted than commuter-friendly models like the Refuge or the Atlas and breathes better as well, but the Cloudburst out does it in terms of breathability. Though, again, it’s a trade-off, as the Cloudburst doesn’t offer the same level of storm protection."

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The Men’s Cloudburst Jacket reviewed by

“If you run a lot especially in the Autumn and Winter season in wetter climates like the Pac NW you will appreciate this jacket. It will motivate you to get out when you might have shied away that miserable morning. On a lot of days it will become a go to layer as it tows both lines as a blocker that breathes and an out and out rain item.”

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The Men’s Cloudburst Jacket reviewed by Riding Gravel

“The Cloudburst does indeed pack down fairly small- you’d get this into a saddle bag of a larger size, and I could easily palm/one hand the jacket, but this isn’t going in a jersey pocket, or anything like that. So, about average there. The Cloudburst weighed 330 grams on my digital scale. Not bad. Lighter than the other rain jackets I have around here, that’s for sure.”

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The Women's Refuge Jacket Reviewed by ADVNTR

Taylor Doyle tests the Women's Refuge Jacket

"I am impressed that I can confidently use this jacket for cycling, running, and hiking, knowing that it will keep me dry when I need it to. I am a big fan of the fold-down flap for bum coverage, the reinforced shoulders for backpack wearing, and the casual fit. It really is a functional jacket for all of the activities that I’m into. I only wish that this jacket came in some more muted colour options."

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Apex Merino Tech Tee and Gravel Shorts reviewed by GravelStoke

 Gravel Stoke Reviews the Gravel Shorts and Apex Merino Tee

“The Gravel Shorts are built well. I put 320 miles on them over eight days this summer and another 300 miles or so since then. This may not sound like a lot of miles, but it’s plenty to know whether or not the textiles will hold up beyond that threshold. I’ve ridden through thick, skin-scraping brush, sat on rocks and rough granite outcrops, and had more than one dog jump on me (off the bike, of course) with them on, and there’s not a mark on them. Likewise, at the end of a long ride or full day of hiking (or just simply wearing them on the daily), they don’t loosen to the point where I’m looking for a belt (even though they include belt loops) or adjusting the internal Velcro waist cinch system. They stretch, but hold form, and the stitching is durable but fine.”

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 The Cross Country Shorts Reviewed by

Gravelution reviews the Cross Country Shorts

“The shorts are easily the lightest / flexiest baggy bike short I've ever ridden. Lovely LOVELY shorts. My fashion-conscious wife even commented that I could "wear them around the neighborhood!" (That's high praise). And they're so comfortable, that sometimes I sit in my bike barn still in the shorts after a long ride and just ponder the state of my life.”

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The Gravel Shorts Reviewed by Man Makes Fire

The Showers Pass Gravel Shorts Reviewed by Man Makes Fire

"Because the adjustments are made on the inside of the shorts, it’s very trim on the outside. In fact, the whole fit is surprisingly tailored. If you’re a road biker looking for a more casual short for gravel and want something that can transition to the bar for a drink after a ride, the new Showers Pass Gravel 10″ Shorts are for you. For casual riding for me, they’re lightweight and breathable and have great stretch. I had no problems wearing a pair of chamois with them. The fit and finish is excellent throughout."  Read the full review here.



Crosspoint Softshell Waterproof TS Gloves 

Reviewed by the MTB Lab

Showers Pass Crosspoint Softshell Waterproof Touch Screen Gloves for Cycling

The Crosspoint Softshell Waterproof TS Gloves are the ultimate in waterproof-breathable durable hand protection for inclement weather on bike rides.

The Crosspoint Softshell TS gloves are extremely useful in rainstorms, snowstorms, hailstorms, and anytime you get caught out in inclement weather. They weigh a decently light 95 grams and aren’t too bulky, making them immanently packable. The gloves are comfortable and easy to slip on and were snug enough not to feel sloppy but weren’t constricting or binding. Compared to minimalist gloves, there is a slight loss of dexterity and tactile feel due to it’s thicker multi-layer design, which is more than made up by its waterproofness and warmth.


The Showers Pass Elite 2.1 Cycling Jacket Review by Bermstyle


The Crosspoint Waterproof Beanie is the latest addition to the line-up, joining the likes of the successful Crosspoint Waterproof Socks and Knit Gloves. Like the waterproof socks, Showers Pass has managed to create a product that exceeds expectations, combining waterproofing with breathability that results in an outstanding product that’s a pleasure to wear.


The Showers Pass Elite 2.1 Cycling Jacket Review by


"I've owned and reviewed many jackets over the last 30 years. From £20 commuter cheapies up to £400 tech'd-out mountain bike range-toppers that wouldn't be out of place on an alpine expedition. At the rarified end of the price spectrum they are all great. They all do the job, keeping you dry, warm and comfortable. Your particular optics may skew your opinion to favouring or bemoaning one particular area – weight, fit, breathability, features, ruggedness, and so on – but it's rare that a jacket, even one costing a very solid three figures, ticks every box, in full. Well, I'd never worn one.

Until now."

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The Rainslinger Hip Pack reviewed at

I loaded my phone, a Shower’s Pass Ultralight Wind jacket, and a wallet in the RainSlinger with heaps of room to spare. The bag definitely has space for more gear than I would want to carry in a hip-pack, which is a good problem to have.[...] I had a chance to ride through a few gnarly rainstorms with the RainSlinger, and all of my gear was dead-on dry when I arrived home.

Read the full review here.

Bermstyle delivers an in depth review of the Showers Pass MTB collection

The Apex tee has a casual tech tee look, which is a basic staple these days. My go-to is the blue top for a pop of color in photos, and its a great option that looks sporty without screaming “bike nerd”. 

Read the full review here.

Blister Review checks out the IMBA jacket

Xan Marshland in the Showers Pass IMBA Jacket

"With the IMBA jacket, Showers Pass has made a truly purpose-built mountain-bike shell that offers solid protection from the elements in a simple and thoughtfully designed package. Its thin material, lightweight construction, and excellent breathability and venting make it a great choice for big days of pedaling in cold and wet weather, or as a packable “just-in-case” shell for those who frequent high-altitude trails with rapidly changing conditions." 

Read the full review here.



Showers Pass National Geographic Waterproof Socks

Waterproof socks — they could be THE favorite thing you pack for your next outdoor adventure because the *last* time you got your socks wet, you would've shelled out $50 for dry socks.'




The Path Less Pedaled

Utilized as a preferred training jacket for professional cyclists, it’s no wonder why the Elite 2.1 jacket is commonly referred to as the gold standard of the Showers Pass lineup. It’s because each offering features Elite™ three-layer ripstop fabrics that are body mapped to maximize breathability, waterproof/windproof protection, seven venting options for when temperatures rise, and long sleeves for full wrist coverage while riding.



Gear Diary

Showers Pass Refuge Jacket favorite jacket rain or shine

Showers Pass refers to the Refuge Jacket as a “do-it-all” jacket and I can see why. It’s quickly become my favorite jacket to wear when it’s raining or the skies are clear. The Refuge Jacket is beautifully designed and made to last.




Showers Pass Ultralight Wind Jacket - reviewed by roadcc

“A perfect balance of features and performance for the price, that you'll relish pulling on.” 

Read the full review here.



“As I said, I had all sorts of assumptions about how this bag would wear, that the surface wouldn’t hold up, the zippers would wear out or break, that it would lose all of its amazing structure.

I was wrong on all counts. The bag, despite being through months of abuse (I tend to throw bags and not take care of my gear- ask anyone) and gnarly little adventures, looks and functions as well as the day I got it. And I still use it for almost everything.” 




“Showers Pass knows rain and inclement weather and they have taken protection from those elements to a new level with the Showers Pass Refuge jacket.

What makes this jacket so impressive is its versatility. It’s a rain jacket for cycling and hiking. It’s a windbreaker. The Showers Pass Refuge jacket makes you want to intentionally go out in the weather.”




For summer rides I’ll probably carry something a little smaller for ‘just in case’ use, but for the rest of the year this is going to be my go to jacket for the foreseeable future. It’s well thought out, and it works.





“Showers Pass’s tag line for this jacket says it all: Take Refuge from the elements in style.

In both men’s and women’s versions, the Refuge jacket definitely keeps you warm, dry and comfortable in all types of weather. I tested it on cold, wet rides and as added protection from the wind on a 25-degree (-4C) ride.

The waterproof, breathable fabric, removable hood and drop tail make it a great investment. Best of all, this jacket is perfect for multiple uses, including cycling, hiking, skiing, or just being outdoors in the elements.”



Sicklines Reviews the Crosspoint Lightweight Waterproof Camo Socks

Sicklines reviews the Crosspoint Waterproof Camo Socks

"Look, if your idea of buying socks is a $10 Costco 6 pack, the MSRP of $36 might seem a touch startling.  But, when you try to put a price on being able to feel your toes an hour into a night ride with a couple hours to go, well $36 suddenly sounds like a bargain.  I love riding, I love riding at night, I love riding in the cold.  I am not Wim Hof and I don’t love riding with cold feet and now I don’t have to.  About the only thing I don’t know, is how durable these will be over the long term and if water will start to seep in as they age.  With just a few weeks on them, I really can’t answer that question with certainty but the construction appears to be very high quality. I don’t have any real concerns that they’ll fall apart any time soon.  My take, if you ride in the cold, wet forest, get a pair of these socks and get happy."

Singletracks Reviews the Men's IMBA Jacket.

Singletracks reviews the Showers Pass IMBA Jacket

"In regards to a rain jacket’s ability to keep you dry from within and without while maintaining durability and affordability, there’s good, better, and best. Although the IMBA Jacket is better at keeping you dry from outside moisture than from moisture within, the inner print is better at recovering from built-up sweat than other hard shells I’ve used. A couple months is hardly enough time to opine on durability, but with taped seams, reinforced shoulders, and quality zippers, I have every bit of confidence I’ll be using this jacket for many a Northwest winter." Reviews the Crosspoint Waterproof Knit Gloves reviews the Crosspoint Waterproof Knit Gloves

"I’ve been using the Crosspoint gloves for a few months now and they’re barely showing any signs of wear, despite hooking them on many a bramble and using them for things like trail maintenance too. I’ve even used them on uplift days when your hands don’t get a chance to warm up on the climb - I’m pretty sure I was the only one wearing a fluro commuter glove but then I was probably the only one with warm hands too. At £34, they’re a perfectly reasonable price for a durable, warm and waterproof glove that doesn’t suck!"


Pink Bike Reviews the Women's IMBA Jacket and Club Convertible 2 Pants

Pink Bike Reviews Showers Pass apparel

"Overall we both were impressed with this jacket. It feels lightweight and less starchy (restrictive) than some of the other hardshells I have tested. Additionally, It doesn’t bunch up in weird places and it looks damn good. To top off the ‘you should buy this jacket’ list, Showers Pass offers 5% of the net profit from the sales of this $200 garment to support International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). This is an awesome way to invest in a high-end product while doing your part to give back to trail advocacy!"  Read the full review here.


Bike Magazine Reviews the IMBA Jacket

Bike Magazine Reviews the IMBA Jacket

"It’s rare that any apparel item does triple duty so well. Showers Pass is helping mountain bikers fight for our rights in trail advocacy, stay dry on the trails, and look good while bar-hopping." read more.


The Path Less Pedaled reviews the new Crosspoint Lightweight Waterproof Socks and Knit Gloves.


Outside Magazine review the Atlas Jacket.

The pattern is a mashup of street maps from 11 great cycling cities, including Portland, Paris, and Washington, D.C. When headlights hit the waterproof fabric, the maps illuminate. Thanks to a brushed lining, the Atlas is comfortable next to the skin.

Tech? There’s plenty, such as long core vents, adjustable cuffs for temperature control, and a zip-off, helmet-­compatible hood. There’s even a chest pocket with an audio port, in case you want to listen to Google Maps’ biking directions, just for giggles. 

Men's Journal Reviews the Transit Waterproof Backpack

"We had trouble finding a commuter backpack that could adeptly carry two U-locks (a must for quick-release wheels) - until now. Locks fit two straps on either side of this waterproof pack, leaving plenty of room inside for a laptop, change of clothes and even a sixer. Other bike-friendly features include a front pocket that zips out to hold a helmet, and four LED lights that slip into buit-in inserts."

Outside Magazine Reviews the Transit Waterproof Backpack

Refuge Jacket reviewed by Steve Tam

Refuge Waterproof Duffel Bag Reviewed by

"I really don’t know of a better duffel bag. You can find expedition offerings from Patagonia or The North Face, but obviously those are targeted at climbers who just need to haul a lot of gear. In contrast, the Showers Pass Refuge is sleek, refined and thoughtfully designed for the needs of cyclists. It’s an expensive piece of kit, but it will certainly last for your entire racing career.”

Refuge Waterproof Duffel Bag reviewed by

“Of all the gear out there, this one… by all instincts, is rather Evil Robot Overlord – Proof.


It’s one of the best gear bags I’ve ever used."

Refuge Waterproof Duffel Bag Reviewed by MTB Lab

"The Refuge Waterproof Duffel been durable and has worked extremely well, and the organizational features are outstanding. Everything is very purposeful and is meant to carry almost every conceivable item for a bike ride, including a helmet, water bottles, shoes, apparel, electronics, and nutrition. Besides being the ultimate gear bag for a neat freak and one who likes things to be organized, it creates an environment that makes sure you never leave home without your required ride specific items when they’re placed in their allocated locations. It exudes exceptional quality, excellent materials, and sturdy stitching and it has survived brief rainstorms, and nothing got wet. The integrated rollout changing mat was a welcome feature as was the main compartments movable divider."

Refuge Waterproof Duffel Bag Reviewed by Bermstyle

"We see a lot of people pedaling around with back packs that are essentially dry bags. While they’re functional, they’re about as user friendly as a waterproof shopping bag with backpack straps.

However, if you were to repurpose those materials, adding usability in the form of compartments, zippers and useful dividers you’d have something special — which is not far off from what Showers Pass has done with their take on the duffle bag.

As a Portland based company that produces products designed for cyclists, you’d expect a bag from Showers Pass to be built for our wet northwest weather. One of three new releases from the new CloudCover Waterproof bags collection, the new duffle is water proof and then some."

Read the full review here.

Women's Gravel Shorts reviewed by Bicycling Magazine

"For a woman looking for a pair of shorts to shred or to tour, the Gravel Shorts are an excellent, reasonably-priced option."

Spring Classic Jacket reviewed by Cyclocross Magazine

"Waterproof performance of the Spring Classic Jacket is excellent as is ventilation as long as you use constantly adjust the ventilating features based on your effort and heat production. Any rain jacket can feel steamy and force perspiration, but the jacket’s ability to manage that and keep you warm and relatively dry that is the mark of success.

The fit, fabrics and design features make the Spring Classic jacket a top performer. If you don’t like a lot of frills, the Showers Pass Spring Classic is pared of all except the necessary."

Crosspoint Waterproof Wool Socks reviewed by

"But the new Crosspoint Waterproof Socks stayed dry in a drizzle. They kept me warm and happy on a series of rainy rides that might have otherwise given me flashbacks to a rough Pacific Northwest winter. My feet had room to wiggle inside the sock’s three-layer system that includes a knit exterior, a waterproof breathable Artex membrane, and a Merino wool anti-bacterial lining. And they felt more like regular socks—albeit thick socks that take a bit of rolling on and off. I don’t know how long the Crosspoint Waterproof Socks will continue to keep the elements at bay, but so far they’ve been my secret weapon in the battle against miserable feet. Get them in the Merino version I tested or a Hi-Viz Coolmax version and enjoy a nice ride on a day you’d normally stay in."

Spring Classic Jacket Reviewed by Red Kite Prayer

"The Spring Classic Jacket is one of the two most breathable rain jackets I’ve ever worn. I’ve done four hours in a biblical, Noah-with-a-saw rain, with temps in the low 50s. I chose note to go race pace, but I kept the firm pace required to stay warm, and when I got home my core and arms were damp, but water wasn’t cascading down the inside of the jacket; perspiration has never condensed into whole drops to run down my back."

Spring Classic Jacket reviewed by thewashingmachinepost

"in practice, the combinations of well-tailored sizing and an impressive dgeree of waterproofing provides lasting testament to the benefits of professional race development. as mentioned above, the breathability is particularly of note, while as a long-time owner and wearer of a showers pass elite 2.0 hardshell jacket, the ability of the classics jacket to allow pretty much every level of invasive precipitation to simply roll off was a joy to behold."

Men's Bamboo Merino Henley Shirt Reviewed by Lennard Zinn

"Before I got this shirt, I already had a lot of long-sleeved base layers, and none of them would I wear for comfort around the house. That all changed when I got this Showers Pass shirt. Knitted of bamboo and merino wool, it is super soft on the inside thanks to the bamboo, yet it has the insulation, moisture-wicking, and warm-when-wet benefits of wool. It is so soft and luxurious, I like to wear it anytime. Best of all, it is super warm when riding and skiing in cold weather."

Women's Bamboo-Merino Henley reviewed by Bike Magazine

"After a few weeks testing the Henley, I found that I had started reaching for it as an everyday shirt to layer with a vest or sweater, instead of choosing it solely for the bike."

Double Century RTX Jacket reviewed by Mountain Flyer Magazine

Mountain Weekly News reviews the Refuge Jacket

"You don’t have to be a big name brand to make a great product. Often, it is the lesser-known brands out there that build the finest gear. Though Showers Pass hasn’t quite reached Patagonia status, they make a phenomenal product! Out of all the hardshell jackets I’ve tested over the years from up and coming brands, I can confidently say that the Showers Pass Refuge Jacket tops my list."

- Nicholas Sirianno

Outside Magazine picks the Women's Rouge Hoodie as one of the Best Women's Jackets of 2016

"Like a highly functional iteration of your favorite sweatshirt, the Rogue bridges the urban-technical divide. A cozy fleece lining is encased in a waterproof-breathable exterior, while commuter-friendly elements like reflective trim, a loop for hanging a light, and a helmet-compatible hood make it ideal for winter bike rides."

Bicyling Magazine Reviews the Double Century RTX Jacket

"Over the last month, I’ve used the jacket both for cycling endeavors and as a shell while cross-country skiing. As promised, the versatility and venting options were plentiful and worked well to keep moisture from sweat at bay while preventing rain and snow from seeping inside. I tested a size medium, and compared to other offerings I’ve worn from Showers Pass, the jacket was proportioned well with good coverage at the waist and wrists with no binding or creep-up when in a cycling position. It also offered grand freedom of motion when skiing. The body of the jacket is cut generously, with room for multiple layers underneath, so you can use the coat in a range of conditions and temperatures."

Active Gear Review looks at the Metro Jacket

"Showers Pass was a company I’d never heard of, but after testing the Metro this company seems to be an authority on harsh weather gear. The Metro is one of those products I really get excited to test, since I ride in all weather conditions. It is nice to see how quality products hold up. I feel this jacket is one of those purchases you will make and say “why did I not try this earlier” you can spend a lot of money on high end equipment and not be satisfied with it, but the Metro is a safe bet! I loved the fact that the Metro is so thin but keeps you quite warm, dry and happy. With all the features you get, like the media pocket, easy access rear zippered pocket’s and venting, the Showers Pass Metro is worth the price!"

Adventure Journal Reviews the Refuge Jacket

"Showers Pass is an outfit out of Portland that made its bones with no-nonsense bicycle-commuter garb. In recent years, Showers Pass has expanded its line to include apparel targeted at the more adventurous side of cycling. Consider the Refuge: it works great on the bike—there’s plenty of mechanical venting here that keeps you from steaming alive during hard efforts and the generous drop-tail keeps your backside from collecting all that disgusting road spackle from your rear tire. Not feeling the hood? Just unzip it.

One of the Refuge’s greatest assets, however, is that is works well for any outdoor application that requires a light-yet-rugged waterproof layer. The jacket’s cut isn’t so form fitting that it is constricting—something, unfortunately, true of many cycling rain jackets. You can safely wear the Refuge into the supermarket or gas station without feeling like you are wearing a body condom in public. Always a good thing. When you are paying this much for a piece of apparel, you’ll probably want it to be useful for more than just one activity—the Refuge excels here."

Single Track Magazine Reviews the Women's Rogue Hoodie Jacket

Mountain Flier Magazine Reviews the Women's Rogue Hoodie Jacket

"The Rogue Hoodie is a weather-resistant technical piece with a flattering women’s cut. (There’s also a men’s version.) I liked the fit better than some other women’s jackets from other brands that too often use uber-yoga rock stars — who don’t have any hips or backside — as their fit models. The Showers Pass jacket is snug without being binding and fits comfortably while pedaling with or without a bag over the shoulder. The back has a slightly dropped tail for extra coverage and protection from tire spray, and the arms are a longer cut with wrist gaiters with thumb loops. The wrists are also adjustable via two snaps...

It is not the most technical piece in the Showers Pass lineup of outerwear, but that aspect has its advantages: The Rogue Hoodie is quite versatile. I never choose it for long-distance mountain bike rides (it would pack too bulky), but it’s my first choice while pedaling all over town. Now that I think of it, it’s been my jacket of preference for hiking, car camping, skinning and cross country skiing. If the temps are warmer, it’s perfect over a T-shirt. If it’s colder or I’m skinning in the backcountry, I layer with long sleeve baselayers underneath.

With its great fit and range of technical features, the Rogue Hoodie is a great commuting jacket that can also fill in for your other mountain pursuits."

Singletracks reviews the Refuge Jacket and Refuge Pants

“Showers Pass has created a good jacket for bike riders and cross-country skiers. The jacket is lightweight, adjustable, easily stow able, and most importantly, comfortable and breathable. The jacket’s ventilation allows it to adjust to a wide variety of condition. It is visible in low light conditions, and offers ample protection in even the worst rain storms."

Road CC Reviews the Skyline Softshell Jacket

"The Skyline soft shell jacket from Portland brand Showers Pass is a great option for fast riding in the autumn and spring. It is pretty closely fitted so you can't fit as many layers underneath as some so depending on your build you may find that it's not for the coldest months of winter. But for fast club rides or even winter racing I found it worked a treat."

Refuge Jacket reviewd by Bike Magazine

"When your company name makes reference to crappy weather, you better be able to make a damn good rain jacket. Well, Showers Pass is a company dedicated to making inclement weather bearable and the Refuge model that you see here more than qualifies as “good”. In fact, it’s the best jacket I’ve tested all season and that’s saying a lot. We’ve tested some top notch models, but the Refuge still shines."

Rogue Pants reviewed by

Casual trousers you can cycle in have been a pretty mixed bag. A very mixed bag actually. So I'm happy to report that the Showers Pass Rogue Pant (that's the last usage of the word 'pant' you'll see here; I'm British for goodness' sake) is a very well thought out garment that's smart and comfortable both on and off the bike.

Elite Pro Review by thewashingmachinepost

"A first ride opportunity arrived the morning after the jacket did, providing almost two hours of wind-driven heavy rain in which to ride and, in this unfortunate case, stop to fix a puncture. the planned ride was deviated from long enough to collect another inner tube from the bike shed before continuing to debbie's for coffee and a toastie. though the coffee stop adheres to no specific dress code, it seemed only polite to remove the elite pro jacket when supping froth, an act that revealed a bone dry inner jersey and armwarmers. with the rain obviously retreating in the face of an increasing wind, the ride home became a smidgeon toasty at which point open sleeves and the two side-vents comfortably accommodated the increase in temperature. though the foregoing can be easily adjusted from the saddle, even by inept riders such as myself, i confess i had to stop for a minute or two to open the neck vent.

perhaps not a problem experienced by alexander kristoff in motion, but also a less than troubling interlude for the less competitive.

the elite, breathable fabric is impressively thin, considering all that it manages to achieve on our behalf. it's also nice to see that the words showers pass are highly visible both on the side panels and the dropped tail, and the bright orange ought to minimise the likelihood of anyone saying 'sorry mate, i didn't see you.'."

Rogue Hoodie reviewed by BikeRumor

"Over the years I have obtained quite a few jackets, both technical and casual. This fall and winter however, the Showers Pass Rogue Hoodie has been the one I grab daily, whether I am heading out for a long road ride or driving to the store. It is the perfect blend of performance and casual wear, and it comes highly recommended."

Crosspoint Waterproof Socks by thewashingmachinepost

"....however, i have great respect for the folks at showers pass, with every confidence that if the toe of each sock plainly stated waterproof then that's precisely what they'd be. however, there's always that nagging little suspicion at the back of my pedals. so, to remove all possible doubt, i set out in less than clement weather, devoid of any seasonally compulsory overshoes, and wearing cycle footwear with the waterproofing qualities of a sieve. this involved propelling myself into a nagging headwind, bringing perpetual stinging sleet for well over forty minutes, coupled with splashing through gallons of surface water. on my return home, the shoes were wet enough to require being stuffed with newspaper to dry them out, and the thick woolly exterior of both socks were determinably wet. yet not only were both feet pleasantly warm, they were completely dry.

if i sound surprised, it's because i am. these are superb, really superb, and well worth the £25 price per pair. for four years of festive 500 and beyond, i have suffered from wet feet, a factor that often takes the shine off the pleasurable activity of busting a gut into driving wind, rain and cold. i urge anyone who has experienced the same level of podiatry sogginess, to rush out right this minute and buy as many pairs as you can afford.

the end of hyperbole as we know it."

Refuge Jacket reviewed by Seattle Backpacker Magazine

The Showers Pass Refuge Jacket is great for taking on hikes, and does exceptional on a bicycle. In its design and utility it was a jacket built by bikers for bikers. The jacket also features 360 degrees of 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material trim which ensures a degree of visibility when riding in low light conditions.

Every facet of the jacket is adjustable: the hood, the arms, and the torso. I found the jacket to be very easy to adjust comfortably to my needs. It is a high anaerobic activity jacket – meaning you keep yourself warm with your body heat. It is compact and can stow away even in an 18-liter pack. The hood section removes easily and can be stowed separately and then quickly reattached through a zipper and Velcro strips. A favorite feature of mine were the small vents on the side of the jacket that open up to reveal a mesh covering. These vents allow air circulation should the need arise.

Skyline Pant Review by Cycling Perspective

The Showers Pass Skyline pant…the summary

Comfortable: The pants are stretchy in the right places and very comfortable.

Flexible: In 2 ways – the pants allow moving with ease and it’s great to have a garment that can perform across multiple sports.

Well-constructed of quality materials: Showers Pass gets this right. Their gear is durable and holds up.

Fit: The Skyline only comes in men’s sizes but I found the men’s small/petite to be a perfect fit (I normally wear a women’s medium).

MBUK Rates the Rogue Hoodie Best in Test for Winter Jackets

Active Junky

"From technically esteemed Showers Pass in Portland, Oregon comes the ROGUE HOODIE. Decidedly urban and with street-beating weather resistance, ROGUE is the face of cycling today and to come. Athletic and equipped with wrist gaiters, thumb loops and stealth reflective piping on the seams, this piece carries style off the bike. The generous hood captures a helmet (and headphones) while draw cords ensure a tailored look. Testers wore this three-layered ARTEX hoodie in pubs, on planes and, truth be told, to write this piece on an apple-snapping fall morning. With such a relevant combination of elements, ROGUE is what Active Junky’s riders have been seeking in outerwear."

Skyline Softshell Jacket by

"aside from cooling airflow, the skyline has other pragmatic aspects to its construct that ensure it will befriend any cyclist fortunate enough to own and wear one. there's a vertically zipped front chest pocket on the left, featuring a grommetted opening for ipod headphones. all the zips, including the main front closer are appended with short tags that considerably ease the procedure of opening and closing...the waterproofing offered by the skyline softshell was extremely favourable. i'd be happy to wear this throughout the winter whatever the conditions."