How to Choose the Best Rain Trousers?

Choosing the best waterproof rain trousers for cycling doesn't have to be difficult. Read this guide to find out which type of rain trousers will work the best for your needs and budget.

As leaders in technical cycling outerwear, Showers Pass offers a variety of waterproof cycling trousers utilising different fabrics and features for different intended uses. The price range you see among waterproof rain trousers does not just relate to the level of waterproofness. It also relates to breathability and special features like vents, zippers, pockets, and reflective trims.

Not every cyclist needs a carbon fibre race bike, and not every cyclist wants to spend as much on rain trousers as they do on their bike. We believe our line of waterproof outerwear offers the best-in-class fabrics and features at every price level.

The quality and performance of any type of rain gear can be measured on the following criteria:

  1. How waterproof are the rain trousers? Is the fabric waterproof and are all the seams sealed?
  2. How breathable are the rain trousers? This determines whether or not you a likely to start sweating while wearing the waterproof garment.
  3. How durable are the rain trousers? How many years of use will you get out of them? Take this aspect into account when you are shopping on a budget.
  4. How lightweight or packable are the rain trousers? The weight of waterproof outerwear is important to some but not all. People often incorrectly associate light weight with breathability. Our lightest weight rain trousers (Storm Pants) are our least breathable trouser. Typically, reduced weight on a rain trouser means reduced durability.
  5. How visible or reflective are the rain trousers? High visibility, especially while cycling in the rain and/or at night, can help to keep you safe by making you more visible to motorists and all road users.