We're Climate Neutral!

We're Climate Neutral!

Happy Earth Day! Wherever you are today, we hope you're able to take some time to appreciate our beautiful (and only) planet. We're spending today celebrating all the progress we've made towards our 2025 Sustainability Goals, but also the fact that **we’re officially Climate Neutral Certified. The reality is that even after facing an unprecedented global pandemic (and everything else in 2020), Climate change is the single biggest threat to humanity - and we have the tools to stop it. The process to become Climate Neutral Certified is a months-long effort to measure, offset, and reduce our carbon footprint. These are actions that all brands - and individuals - can and should take now to “flatten the curve” of carbon emissions.

Showers Pass is Climate Neutral Certified 2021

Sustainability and the environment have been part of our DNA since day one, and today we’re thrilled that we’re able to join 230 other Climate Neutral Certified brands in taking meaningful action for the climate.

In 2019, we committed to specific, actionable, and measurable goals to impact climate change and ensure the sustainability of our business. But from the beginning, we've always taken our impact on the planet seriously. Today, the threat from climate change demands action. Here at Showers Pass, we understand that if humans and organizations don’t take responsibility for this problem now, then there’s no way we’ll hit the 2050 goals set out by the Paris Climate Agreement. These are make-or-break goals. Reach them, and we avoid the devastating effects of climate change. Miss them, and life on Earth will change for billions of people.

What does it mean to be Climate Neutral Certified?

Starting today, our products will bear the Climate Neutral Certified label. Climate Neutral is a nonprofit committed to solving climate change by making carbon neutrality simple and accessible. The label is essentially shorthand for the process of measuring, offsetting, and reducing carbon emissions. Austin Whitman, CEO of Climate Neutral says, “Consumers hold massive power to shape the economy, and their power is exerted through the actions of the brands they support. With our climate label, we’re helping consumers find the brands that are willing to invest immediately in climate solutions.”

Showers Pass is Climate Neutral Certified

The 230 brands certified so far this year all went through the same process to measure, offset, and reduce their emissions, neutralizing about 700,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. These companies offer products and services across a wide range of industries, from apparel to media. Next time you’re considering a new product, keep an eye out for the Climate Neutral Certified label! To learn more about Climate Neutral and other brands committed to climate action, visit Climate Neutral's website.

To The Future

We’re thrilled to be in good company with this year’s Climate Neutral Certified brands. We believe in Climate Neutral’s mission of taking action now to solve a problem that we understand to be an urgent threat. We’re glad you’re with us for the journey. Let’s work together to stop climate change faster.

If you want to know more about all the specific ways in which we are offsetting our impact to the environment, beyond becoming carbon neutral, we invite you to read our updated Sustainability commitment page.