Showers Pass UK Weather Stories Contest Winners

Showers Pass UK Weather Stories Contest Winners

We are delighted to share the news that Micheal Green pictured above with his grandaughter, is our chosen 'Weather Stories' contest winner!

Proclaiming his Showers Pass Refuge Jacket helps him 'laugh at rain' the back story behind Michael's photo is a brilliant one! 

Inspired by his 'cycling keen' granddaughter Addison and a desire to encourage people to consider cycling as an alternative to driving wherever possible, Michael has developed the 'Cycling Whatever The Weather (#CWTW)' campaign/challenge in his home city of Exeter.

The #CWTW challenge aims to encourage new, existing, and even non-cyclists of all ages to cycle or cycle more often and not to ditch the bike and get in the car when it rains.  By signing up to the challenge, participants commit to choosing their bike instead of a motor vehicle, whenever possible.  In return they will not only be contributing to a cleaner climate, they will also receive a certificate, and a Duck Light Bell!  Read more about #CWTW


'Regaining My Freedom and Feeling Warm'

The Showers Pass team couldn't help but be Wow'd by Melanie Williams, therefore decided to have two contest winners!  Here is Mel's story in her own words:


'I live with an ultra rare genetic condition called Hypophosphatasia (HPP).  This causes many problems with mobility due to weak muscles, bones, tendons and pain.  In order to function it is essential that I have the right clothing to keep me warm or my muscles will fail.  After many soakings at last I discovered my Showers Pass Hi-Vis Elite Jacket and it is just the ticket as it keeps me warm and dry when exploring Snowdonia on my adaptive trike even when the weather is moody!  All helping me to keep my freedom and enjoy the countryside.  Watch out for me, I can't be missed!'


Mel works with the fantastic to try and raise awareness of Hypophosphatasia and the challenges faced by all those living with a disability.  Mel has also teamed up with Recumbent Trike specialists ICE to promote accessible cycling and is also a 'Changemaker' for the 'I am number 17' Campaign helping the voices of those with a rare disease be heard.