January 25, 2017 1 min read

It is important to clean your cycling outerwear regularly. Dirt, sweat, and other crud will reduce the waterproof performance and can inhibit breathability. Clean with a technical cleaner like Nikwax Tech Wash, as household detergents leave behind residues that attract water. A good measure is to clean when visibly dirty, or when your jacket starts soaking up water. Or, if you regularly sweat into your jacket, cleaning at least every month is recommended. If after cleaning your jacket is still absorbing water, then it is time to rewaterproof with a product like Nikwax TX.Direct! The water repellent finish on outerwear is durable, but not permanent. Depending on use, you should rewaterproof at least one or two times per year. Remember to always clean before waterproofing. Come to the event and get a free wash with Nikwax Tech Wash for 2 items of rain gear plus a take home sample of Nikwax TX Direct.

Rain Gear Wash Party Details:

When: Thursday November 17th from 5-8pm

Where: Spin Laundry Lounge 750 N Freemont, Portland, OR

Hosted by Nikwax, Showers Pass and Spin Laundry Lounge with Beer from Stormbreaker Brewing.